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Dubai: After days of blistering heat and highs hovering around 50 degrees Celsius, the next few days might bring some relief as temperatures are expected to drop somewhat.

Weather forecasters have said that mercury levels may decline “slightly” on Wednesday through Friday this week, and there will be a higher chance of clouds on Thursday.

UAE residents won’t be jumping into winter just yet as the weather will continue to be hot, but given that temperatures and humidity have risen beyond comfortable levels, a slight drop in mercury would be a welcome respite.

“[From Wednesday to Friday,] temperatures tend to slightly decrease over some areas [and] fog may form especially on Wednesday to the west,” the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) said.
It’s not certain how much the heat levels will actually drop over the next few days, but what the latest forecast means is that lounging by the pool – if that’s what one would prefer to do in the summer heat – or walking to the parking lot would probably be less unbearable.

For Monday and Tuesday, residents can expect partly cloudy conditions, but daytime will be hot as usual and night time will still be humid, especially over coastal areas.

Source: NCMS, Gulf News

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