• Rambo



    Normally given as the last game. No winner just a fun game. Once the player is hit, no need to go out, just hold your gun up, touch your base and go back again. Once the bullets are finished, players needs to go out.

  • Fill the Bucket

    Fill the Bucket

    Fill the bucket

    In this game, there will be a bucket in the middle of the field and each team will get 3 balls. To win the game these balls must be filled in the bucket without you getting shot.

  • Attack & Defend

    Attack & Defend

    Attack and Defend

    In this game, one team will have a flag which they have to defend against the other team while the opponent team needs to attack the flag in which the other team is defending. Same with the other games. Once the player gets a single shot, they need to leave the field and join again on the next round.

  • Capture the Flag

    Capture the Flag

    Capture the Flag

    One flag is placed at each base. The objective is to capture the flag at the opposite base and return it to your own base. You cannot pass the flag. If you are eliminated carrying the flag, pass it to the player closest to you.

  • President



    Flags are tied around the necks of two players, one from each team. Presidents do not carry guns. The objective is to get your president to the opposite base without him or her being eliminated. If he or she is, you lose. Same goes for the opposing team.

  • Center Flag

    Center Flag


    One flag is placed at the center of the field. Both teams head for the same flag. The flag must be captured and taken to the opposite base. You cannot pass the flag..

  • Prison Break

    Prison Break

    Prison Break Scenario

    In this game, one player from each team should reach the opposite/opponent base without getting shot to win the game. Once the player gets one single shot, he needs to go out and play again on the next game.

  • Total Elimination

    Total Elimination

    Total Elimination

    Eliminate the opposing team completely. If all are not out, it’s a draw game. Clean and sweep.