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500 Paintballs, Tippmann Paintball Marker, Vforce Armor Goggles, Camouflage Coveralls, Chest Protector, Groin Protection, Neck Protector Gloves

Duration: 1.5 hours



500 Paintballs
Tippmann Paintball Marker
Vforce Armor Goggles
Camouflage Coveralls
Chest Protector
Groin Protection
Neck Protector

Each session lasts for at least 1.5 hours and within that, you can play 3-4 game scenarios including resting time. Each game scenario is approximately 10-15 minutes long.

To confirm your booking, call our hotline directly. Prior reservation is necessary. Terms and conditions apply.

Deposit for 4 people and above is mandatory.

Note: Corporate Rate (Above 10 persons) is AED 300/- per person

All prices are subject to 5% VAT.

2 reviews for Freak

  1. Mo Vlogs

    This is the best Pacakage here it’s VERY VERY FUN YALLOYOLLO!!!

  2. HcdaljncksahkI

    Hi mo vlogs

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