Birthday Package


NEW Birthday Party Package for 10 kids! 100 paintballs ALL IN


NEW Birthday Party Package at AED 1300/- plus 5% VAT
– Caters to 10 players of age 10 years old above and 130 cm height

– 100 paintballs per player
– 2 hour session including game and celebration
– Equipment and back/chest/neck protection with helmet
– 10x Kid’s meals of your choice or 4 large 13″ 10 slices of pizza of your choice
– 10x drinks
– 10x sets of cutlery (plate, fork, cup per set)
– Public shaded place with tables and chairs for celebration
– Happy birthday balloon sign on the wall

Cake (allowed to bring your own)

Price per extra person AED 75 + tax for 100 paintballs and all equipment.
Extra 100 paintballs: AED 50 plus tax
Extra meal: AED 35 plus tax
Extra food as per food menu
Soft Drink / Juice: AED 7 plus tax
Water (500 ml): AED 5 plus tax
Coffee/tea : AED 10 plus tax
Cutlery: AED 10/set (plate, fork, knife, cup per set)
Private shaded area: AED 150 plus tax
Shaded grass private area: AED 200 plus tax
Private tent with air cooler: AED 250 plus tax

Kids meal choices:
Option 1:
Size 6″ 4 slices Happy Face Pizza, KKD Juice, Kinder Joy
Option 2:
5x Chicken poppers, 75 gr potato wedges, KKD juice, Kinder Joy

Balloon decorations
AED 3 plus tax per each normal latex balloon (black, white, yellow, green, blue, red)
AED 6 plus tax per each helium balloon
AED 30 plus tax – Each letter or each number large size.
AED 60 plus tax – HAPPY Birthday Sign Balloons sign on the wall
We do not allow balloons from outside.

If you want to bring your food and drinks, you can do that on top of the package for no charge
If you don’t want our package at all and just want to bring your food, general paintball packages terms and conditions apply.

Your own cake is allowed without any extra charge.
A refundable deposit of AED 250 is mandatory.

For more details and booking, please call OR WhatsApp us on +97150-6514583.


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