Paintball calories

Hello, September. Eid Mubarak!¬†Today marks the start of “ber” months, and we have awesome news for you! Due to the explosive agility and endurance demands of paintballing, you actually burn 7 calories per minute or 420 calories per hour. University studies also showed that people who worked out or ran outdoors had a lower risk of poor mental health than people who worked out indoors.

Paintball is physically demanding than a lot of you think. It involves a lot of crawling, sprinting, dodging, and shooting. Many players don’t realize how the body is benefiting because the game is so fast-paced and strategic. The rush of adrenaline sparked by just running around and shooting opponents actually boosts your mood, focus, and immunity.

So come and transform your day into a fun-building and exhilarating experience in Dubai’s post-Apocalyptic desert & urban paintball war zone. Paintball makes a truly brilliant day out with friends and colleagues.

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