?How to play? What are the rules of the game?
  • Games will start with the sound of a horn. You will recognize it when you hear it.
  • Do not sit at your base when you hear it. Move out, move forward. Work in pairs.
  • The marshals/referees will be wearing bright orange vests.
  • Do not argue or fire on marshals.
  • Do not remove your mask in arena for any reason whatsoever. The Paintballs travel at approx. 300 feet per second (fps) at the nozzle. Getting hit in the eye can be severe.
  • The marshals will be using 3 signs on the field; the first is neutral player If you have any problems when you're out there, problems with your gun, mask what ever – get your gun in the air and shout for a Marshall . He'll call you neutral .
  • Do not fire on anyone with his or her gun in the air.
  • The second sign, when we're finished checking your problem and if you are still in the game, we will tell you to hide then we say player clean – you are now back in the game.
  • The third sign is player eliminated. You're out of that game. Each game is 10 min.
  • No talking/coaching team players once you're eliminated.
  • When you've been hit by a Paintball, put your gun in the air, go quickly to the gun room, submit your gun then enter the rest area where you can remove your mask.
  • If you are 10 feet (3 meters) or less away from a player, do not fire on that player. Force a surrender. If they turn on you by all means fire at the legs.
  • No excessive firing on a player. If you think you've tagged a player and she/he has not left the arena, call a Marshall to paint-check the player. Do not continuously fire on the player till they are covered in paint. This stuff can hurt!
  • No climbing on the walls and spools. It is slippery.
  • No physical contact in anger of any kind.
  • No blind firing. Always look where you are shooting.
  • You must be touching your base to start the game.
  • Remember to raise your gun when you have a problem or eliminated and walking out.
  • Far edge of the field has safety boundary, do not cross it. There are snakes in there!
  • Do not pick up paintballs from the ground and load them. They will jam your gun and we will know about it.
  • If you are not being hit directly but being sprayed by paint, if the spray is larger than one dirham, you're out.
  • Do not open your hopper to check for paint. Shake it instead.
  • We are not liable for paint spilled on the field by opening your hopper
  • From time to time check your hopper lid. Especially after a rough encounter.
  • Careful of the bolt. Do not get your cheek or finger in the way.
  • Do not play with the gas cylinder. If it comes off it will go back at 300 fps and it will not pop, it's not a paintball.
?What are the schedules available?
Open 7 days a week from 10AM-10PM according to booking so prior reservation is necessary. Late night games available, term and conditions apply.
?How many can you accommodate?
The arena is able to accommodate up to 250 players in one session.
?How many players are allowed in a team?
A maximum of 20 players per team.
?How long is the paintball session for one package?
Normally, the total game session lasts for 2 hours but it also depends on group size. Each game is approximately 10 minutes long. If you've been hit, you have to wait for the next game to continue playing using the rest of the Paintballs.
?What are the available paintball equipment?
Tippmann 98 Marker, Tippmann A5 Marker, Tippmann X7 Marker, Face Goggles, Chest Protector, Neck Protector ,Groin Protection, Coveralls, Paintballs... and you!... For two hours of kick-butt fun!
?Do you have a shower facility?
Can be arranged.
?Is the place safe and secured?
Of course. We have trained marshalls and CCTV for your security.
?Is there a place to eat and drink?
Yes, we offer food and refreshments. We have licensed 5-star catering available. Food should be pre-ordered before booking the game. Refreshments are available on site. We have softdrinks, mineral water and red bull. If you have any requests, let us know in advance!
?What are we going to wear?
We have coveralls for use and we have a separate changing room for men & women. Sports attire and running shoes are a must!
?Can we play during the night?
Yes you can! Our arenas are floodlit which allows to play day and night.
?What are your corporate rates?
For a group of 50 and above players - AED 1000/- per box of paintballs plus AED 15/- game fee
?How to get here?
From Sheikh Zayed Road, take Exit 13 and continue on the 15th Interchange Flyover. Check our contacts page for the location map. Private bus service available upon request at an extra cost.
?Do you have birthday packages?
Yes, special packages for birthday parties are available. Call or send us an e-mail for more information.



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